The Secret Desires of Bloggers

In the grand scheme of the blogosphere this blog doesnt matter. I don’t even think I’ve reached C-list status. I view myself back a few letters farther in the alphabet, h maybe? I think this rates as an h-list blog. I don’t have grand ambitions to have everyone in the world reading these thoughts of mine, I don’t lay awake at night wondering how many people are anxiously hitting refresh to catch my latest post the second I post it.

But apparently some people feel that way. According to the articles I’ve just read, lots of people want to be famous through their blogs. Apparently people hound the best bloggers looking for links. People beg and plead for shout-outs on well-read blogs. My personal feeling that the whole things seems like something from Orwell’s version of the future: the masses begging for crumbs from the elite few, constant vigilance to keep from being forgotten, the (slightly) hidden commercialization of a supposedly democratic medium. All the undercurrents I just read about just make the blogosphere seem like some weird dystopian future. But yet millions of people are blogging and playing the popularity game.

I have a theory on this, on why people strive to have their blogs make the “a-list.” And its more than monetary, because I think that the people who do it don’t expect to make money. I think that, deep down, people want to be writers and that blogging is the closest any of us are going to get. According to my theory, the general attitude of the blogosphere is something along the lines of “so what if I’ll never have a bestseller, I have x-page views an hour/day/week/month.” Look at the great American authors we read in high school: who doesn’t want to be like that. Who hasn’t imagined themselves in Hemingway’s life? Or wandering around Paris with Beckett? Or going to parties in their pajamas with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald? These are the things that great authors do and we secretly want to do those things too. But, since bestsellers are rare, blogging is as close as we can get.


1 Comment

  1. exploringinteractivecommunication said,

    October 30, 2007 at 11:39 pm

    Close as we can get to what expressing our minds? Or what?

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