Why I need World of Warcraft

I play the online game World of Warcraft. I’ve played the Warcraft series since the first strategy game came out in 1994, a fact that makes it the longest relationship I’ve ever had. I grew up playing these games with my friends. We’d get together, start the computer and work through missions together. Having two people working on a mission made it more fun and made it easier. We played on one computer and took turns. Then, when later games came out we’d play across a network against each other.

Fast forward a couple of years and World of Warcraft comes out. Here was the chance to actively participate in the game universe I had grown up in and loved. And I resisted. I thought paying to play a game each month was kinda dumb. I resisted until some friends got it and started playing. I’d borrow their characters and play around a bit. It intrigued me so I bought it. Played for a few months then stopped. I was behind my friends so I couldn’t interact with them.

I started playing again last fall. I was sitting around with two friends, we were bored so I suggested getting copies of the game. A trip to Best Buy later we were logged in and having the time of our lives. Now I cant imagine not playing World of Warcraft.

Its a fun game. We don’t obsess over it we just log in and have fun. We mock each other, we’re constantly saying “wonder what happens if we do this,” and we die a lot. Since they’re still in New York, World of Warcraft is how we do things together. I can’t see them in person nearly as much as I’d like to but we can be together anytime in World of Warcraft. As much as this sets of my nerd alarm, we even play when we’re all together. I bring over my laptop and we set around staring at our respective screens. Its actually more fun this way because we can talk instead of having to type.

My primary character just hit level 57 yesterday. I have a lot of time invested in him. Hes not as close to me as a pet and I don’t miss him when I’m not playing but hes part of my life. I can imagine life without that character but I’ve come to depend on World of Warcraft. This is how I interact with friends who aren’t around.


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  1. exploringinteractivecommunication said,

    October 21, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    WoW is a very interesting game. One of my friends taught me how to play it this weekend and now I am addicted.

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