My Weekend Adventure

Last Saturday when I was supposed to in class, I borrowed a video camera and went home to make a movie. Apple was sponsoring a contest called the Insomniac Film Festival and I decided I should be involved. The rules were simple: 24 hours to write, record, edit and submit a movie that featured as many of the items from the list of required elements as possible. The list came out at 9:00 AM Saturday morning and consisted of the following: a park bench, a bird cage, a character named Robin Darjeeling, radio static, a tuxedo, a Dutch Angle camera angle, a dream sequence, an edited match cut scene, the phrase “don’t tempt me” and someone dressed as an old person.

This was the greatest experience of my life. I’ve never had so much fun, laughed so hard and learned so much in a single day. To make it even better I had three of my best friends with me every step of the way.

I’ve only really used a video camera several times. I’ve never directed anybody. I don’t know the technical terms to articulate what I wanted to do with the camera. I’ve only edited once. Two of my actors had never acted before, the other one had only done a plays. The contest was set up so we couldn’t do any prep work ahead of time. This was very much the blind leading the blind. Later this week I’ll post the movie we made.


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